Established in 2002


Our Vision

Our corporate vision is comprised of six tenets of operation that differentiate us from our competitors and ensure that we will stand  out from the crowd:  1) CONVENIENCE,         2) COST-EFFECTIVENESS, 3) ACCURACY, 4) SPEED,   and 5) SECURITY.


It's a proven fact that technological advancements can help reduce business risks. Simply put, today's tech advancements are the future. And, nowhere has this become more true than at the desk of Notary Register. We are all about what our customers need to know when it comes to the technology enabling notarization for digital signings via e-Notarizations and remote mortgage closings.


We believe in thinking outside the box and coloring outside the lines, too! Why? Because we all must learn to move beyond "the way we have always done things." - Towards all things new. Our promise to our clients is to always challenge the norm,  embrace technology and the future of notarization. It's more than a nice to's a necessity in this ever changing world.


Legale Tzedek-Mishpat

Founding Partner, Notary Public, Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt; Mortgage Field Inspector, Notary Signing Agent,

Here to serve our clients with attention to detail. Ready to meet you anywhere, anytime. 

Our Associates

Each and every Notary Public plays a crucial role in combating identity theft. They serve as our front line of defense and the public is safer because of the job they do.

- Ken Salazar

Value 01.





noun: attentiveness

  1. the action of paying close attention to something.

    "We ensure that our services includes paying close attention to details and that our notaries will operate in the highest levels of attentiveness"


    the action of assiduously attending to the comfort or wishes of others; politeness or courtesy.

    "Our service maintains that  its number one priority is to meet the needs of our clients and that is due to the attentiveness of the Notary Register staff."