03. Mobile Services

Mobile Services

Simply put, we offer mobile notary services to our customers - We Will Come To You! Many clients ask us what is the difference between mobile, e-Notarization and Remote Online Notarization. 

Mobile - we will come to you to perform in-person notarization services

e-Notarization - we perform in-person electronic notarization / digital signings. You must be present for this service.*

Remote Online Notarization - notarization is performed remotely via audio/visual technology and identification verification platform. Clients do not have to be in same location as the notary which means no matter where you are in the country [United States of America] - we can assist you with your notarization needs! *

* General Notary work (paper documents) do not require computers/laptops just have your documents printed and ready to sign and get notarized. For e-Notarizations and Remote Online Notarizations call for computer / laptop requirements. However, no software downloads are needed for these services just a laptop, computer, or iPad; etc.

Notary Services

  • A notary public is not a notario or notario público.

  • A notary public is not authorized to practice law.

  • A notary public may not give legal advice or prepare legal documents.

  • A notary public may not charge a fee for preparation of immigration documents or represent someone in immigration matters.

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